Office Directory

Under the direction of Aileen M. Ugalde, vice president and general counsel, the Office of General Counsel advises officials of the University of Miami on legal and regulatory issues confronting a major educational and research institution. The General Counsel’s office, which includes five lawyers in addition to the General Counsel, three professional staff members, and four support staff members, provides a high level of professional legal service and counsel to the University by representing and advising University administrators and staff on matters of law, and implications of business and policy decisions. Much of the work is "preventive" practice, and requires an understanding of a complex educational and research institution with medical and marine schools, and the ability to anticipate problems before they arise and counsel upper level administration in this regard. Please refer to the list of Practice Areas for more information.

Through the Office of General Counsel, the University also engages outside counsel to represent its interests for legal matters requiring specialized and expert counsel. Please send all correspondence for attorneys and staff of the Office of General Counsel to their attention at the following address: