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The Office of General Counsel is precluded from providing legal advice to the General Public.  We hope that one of the links provided below may be of help to you.

There are several ways to find a Florida lawyer using the Find a Lawyer link. A visitor can search for an attorney by name, location, section or certification. The Lawyer Referral Service can help you find a lawyer for your special needs.

  • Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP):  This is the department that handles client complaints and even can resolve some problems before a complaint is filed. Call the ACAP Hotline at 866-352-0707.
  • Consumer Information: The Florida Bar provides information for the public on certain general areas of law as well as specific legal issues in their Consumer Pamphlets.
  • Speakers Bureau: The Florida Bar has assembled a group of outstanding lawyers throughout the state who speak to groups within their communities as a public service.
  • Call-A-Law: Call-A-Law scripts are provided to give general information about a specific legal issue or area of law.
  • Clients' Security Fund: The Clients' Security Fund was created by The Florida Bar to help compensate persons who have suffered a loss of money or property due to misappropriation or embezzlement by an attorney.
  • Group and Prepaid Legal Services: Prepaid Legal Services plans work by making prior arrangements with lawyers to provide specified services to plan members at reduced fees.
  • Legal Aid/Pro Bono: Legal Aid agencies are the organizations that refer pro bono cases to attorneys around Florida.

Legal Service - Legal AID 
If you have a civil legal problem but cannot afford to hire a private lawyer, you still may have access to the legal system through the legal aid organization which provides free or low cost legal services to persons with low incomes.

What do Legal Services Lawyers Do?
Lawyers in a legal services office provide the same legal services as any other attorney. They can advise and represent you in most areas of civil law, although each program has priorities for the type of cases they will take.

Because the number of people demanding legal services exceeds the amount of staff and money available to handle cases, legal services offices limit the types of cases taken.

Criminal cases are not handled because the state provides public defenders to represent persons accused of criminal actions who cannot afford private attorneys.
Also, the legal services offices generally do not deal with cases where a person is seeking money as a settlement. In such cases a private attorney will usually represent a client without any initial charge, collecting a fee only if the client's case is won. Then the attorney's fee is a percentage of the client's settlement. This is called a contingency fee.

What Cases are Handled By Legal Services Offices?
The following are only a few examples of the types of cases usually handled.

Civil Issues. Consumer Housing, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Education, Employment Discrimination, Family Law, Health Welfare, Immigration Issues, Landlord/Tenant Public Benefits, Senior Benefits, Social Security

Dade County 
Guardianship Program for Dade County: 305-592-7642
Legal Aid Society of the Dade County Bar Association: 305-349-6013 or 305-673-7426

  • (Domestic Violence)

Legal Aid Society of the Dade County Bar Association: 305-579-5733

  • (Custody, Divorce, Paternity, Housing, Public benefits, Guardianship, Adoption)

Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc.: 305-576-0080
(Housing, Public Benefits, Special Education, Domestic Violence) 
Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc. - South Dade Law Center: 305-232-9680
(Housing, Public Benefits, Special Education, Domestic Violence) 
Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc. - Hialeah: 305-884-1376
(Housing, Public Benefits, Special Education, Domestic Violence) 
Legal Aid Society of the Dade County Bar Association - Homestead: 305-247-9562
(Domestic Violence and Family Law) 

Broward County 
Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida, Inc.
Plantation: 954 736-2400
(Senior Law, Public Benefits) 
Legal Aid Service of Broward County, Inc. - Plantation: 954-765-8950
(Divorce, Domestic Violence, Foreclosure, Wage Garnishment) 

Palm Beach County 
Florida Rural Legal Services - Belle Glade: 561-993-0003 or toll free 888-993-0003
(Housing, Public Benefits, Education, Employment, Wills) 
Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc., Foster Children’s Project - West Palm Beach: 561-833-5787
(Assistance for abused Foster Children) 
Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc. - West Palm Beach: 561-655-8944
(Elder Law, Immigration, Family Law, Housing, Public Guardianship, Domestic Violence, Bio-Ethics Law Project) 
Florida Rural Legal Services - West Palm Beach: 561-820-8902
(Public Benefits, Housing)

Florida Law Help
If you don't qualify for legal aid, The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) provides referrals to attorneys who will conduct an initial one-half hour office consultation for $25.

Action Line
Action Line cuts through red tape, gets answers, solves problems and stands up for your rights. You can contact Action Line by email at, by writing Action Line, 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, FL 33132 or by calling 305-376-3000. Broward residents can call 954-463-0404.